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FITNESS REALITY ‘Multi Grip’, Set of 2, Dip Bar Attachments

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  • Patent pending multi grip dip, pull up, and push-up handles
  • 4 Gauge steel frame
  • 1.5” Steel tube multi grip handle bars
  • 350 lbs. Weight capacity
  • FEATURES 3 Different hand grip positions (Angled, parallel and linear) for building different muscle groups
  • Designed for power cages with 2” x 2” tube frame with 1” holes
  • Rubber padding to prevent scratching on the power cage frames
  • Corded safety pin for added safety to lock-in the dip bars
  • Great for upper body workouts. Strengthening triceps, biceps, chest, shoulder and back muscles
  • Workout exercises such as dips, rows, assisted pullups, and pushups etc.