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Top 4 Things to Look for When Buying an Inversion Table

Top 4 Things to Look for When Buying an Inversion Table

Posted by Fitness Reality on Jul 1st 2016

While all inversion tables are designed to help you reap the health benefits of suspending your body against the pull of gravity, not all inversion tables are created equal. Check out the top four aspects to explore to find the table best suited for your needs.

Safety Features
Safety is your main priority, with a table that securely holds you in place at any angle. Look for safety handles that let you easily return to upright position, secure ankle clamps or ergonomic ankle holders, and a durable steel frame. Check the weight limit as well as the height adjustments to make sure they match with your own.

Inversion Control
Some inversion tables are manual, while others are powered by motors. Either choice should let you control the degree of inversion. Quality tables will offer controllable angles that range from a slight angle all the way up to the fully inverted 180 degrees. Manually controlled tables often come with tethered safety straps that let you easily and securely control the degree of inversion while reclined.

The inversion platform can vary from a bare, mesh frame to a padded and even heated backrest. Mesh frames with little to no padding may be more flexible if you’re intending to use the table in a vigorous exercise routine. Padded frames are ideal if you’re using the table for pain relief. Padded ankle bars contribute to both safety and comfort.

Additional Features
Inversion tables may come with any number of additional useful features that make them stand above their competitors.

  • Infrared Heating Elements: Certain tables come equipped with infrared heating elements incorporated into the back
    pad. Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat therapy can be helpful for soothing muscle aches and back pain. Look for a thin, built-in
    FIR carbon filter heating element and safety features that let you control the time and amount of heat with a remote control.
  • Storage Options: Some tables are designed to fold up for storage when not in use.
  • Convenience Options: Additional features can add a level of convenience, such as side pockets for storing items you may
    need at-hand.

No matter what table you choose, make sure it’s safe, dependable, inverts fully and smoothly, and comes with additional features tailored to your specific needs.

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